2023 Recital Videos

Videos will only be hosted through 12/31/2023.  Please DOWNLOAD and save your recital video using the download file button that is on the far right, directly underneath the video preview, if you would like to access it beyond this calendar year.

1PM Recital [Full Show Video]

  1. "Cover Girl" (Jr/Sr Jazz Company) [Video]
  2. "How Sweet It Is" (Jr/Sr Pre-School Combo Mon 5:15pm) [Video]
  3. "Pon De Replay" (Acro 1 Thu 7:30pm) [Video]
  4. "Raindrops" (Newbie Company) [Video]
  5. "Fun, Fun, Fun" (Tap 1 Wed 4:45pm) [Video]
  6. "All About That Bass" (Hip Hop & Tumble Fri 5:30pm) [Video]
  7. "Important" (Jr/Sr Tap Company Thu 5:30pm) [Video]
  8. "What's My Name?" (Hip Hop & Tumble Thu 5:00pm) [Video]
  9. "Get the Party Started" (Jazz 3 Mon 5:00pm) [Video]
  10. "Sixteen" (Modern Open Level Wed 4:45pm) [Video]
  11. "Sugar Sugar" (Jr/Sr Pre-School Combo Wed 6:30pm) [Video]
  12. "Everything I Wanted" (Contemporary Solo) [Video]
  13. "Grease" (Tap 4/5 Thu 4:30pm) [Video]
  14. "Hey There Delilah" (Dance Combo Ages 6&7 Sat 1:30pm) [Video]
  15. "Merry-go-round of Life" (Sr Pre-School Combo Sat 10:15am) [Video]
  16. "Record Player" (Tap Solo) [Video]
  17. "Pump It" (Hip Hop 1 Sat 1:00pm) [Video]
  18. "Into the Forest" (Pointe 1/2 Wed 6:00pm) [Video]
  19. "Rainbow" (Lyrical Solo) [Video]
  20. "Conga" (Tap Adult (Intermediate AM) Tue 9:30am) [Video]
  21. "1920s Mix" (Adult Open Jazz Tue 7:15pm) [Video]
  22. "Bet On It" (Hip Hop & Tumble Tue 5:30pm) [Video]
  23. "Do You Believe In Magic " (Dance Combo Ages 5&6 Mon 5:00pm) [Video]
  24. "Dying" (Ballet 4/5 Wed 4:30pm) [Video]
  25. "What I Like About You" (Dance Combo Ages 5&6 Wed 5:30pm) [Video]
  26. "Chasing Cars" (Ballet 3 Wed 7:15pm) [Video]
  27. "D.A.N.C.E." (Dance Combo Ages 6&7 Sat 1:30pm) [Video]
  28. "Stand Tall" (Lyrical Solo) [Video]
  29. "The Unbirthday Song" (Jr Pre-School Combo Sat 10:30am) [Video]
  30. "Ain't Nothing Wrong with That" (Jazz 4 Mon 7:30pm) [Video]
  31. "Walking on Sunshine/Just Be" (The Cast) [Video]

3:30pm Recital [Full Show Video]

  1. "Lost" (Sr Contemporary Company Thu 8:45pm) [Video]
  2. "Kiss From A Rose" (Mini Ballet Company) [Video]
  3. "About That Walk" (Jazz Solo) [Video]
  4. "Fight For Your Right " (Sr Pre-School Combo Thu 6:00pm) [Video]
  5. "Tiny Voice" (Petite Ballet Company) [Video]
  6. "Ashes" (Contemporary Solo) [Video]
  7. "I Gotta Feeling" (Acro 1 Fri 5:15pm) [Video]
  8. "Speechless" (Contemporary Solo) [Video]
  9. "Warrior" (Contemporary Solo) [Video]
  10. "Right Now" (Jazz Solo) [Video]
  11. "Love Song" (Ballet 2 Wed 5:30pm) [Video]
  12. "Surrender" (Ballet 1 Tue 6:30pm) [Video]
  13. "Flashlight" (Jr Contemporary Company Thu 6:00pm) [Video]
  14. "Happy Working Song" (Sr Pre-School Combo Fri 6:30pm) [Video]
  15. "Be Our Guest" (Ballet 1 Sat 11:15am) [Video]
  16. "Respect" (Jazz Solo) [Video]
  17. "Bad" (Jazz Solo) [Video]
  18. "JUICE" (Hip Hop Crew Tue 6:15pm) [Video]
  19. "It's My Party" (Tap 2/3 Mon 7:30pm) [Video]
  20. "Loud" (Acro 2/3 Fri 6:15pm) [Video]
  21. "Matrix" (Ballet 1 Thu 6:00pm) [Video]
  22. "Impossible" (Contemporary Solo) [Video]
  23. "Keep Holding On" (Lyrical 2 Thu 7:00pm) [Video]
  24. "When You Believe" (Lyrical Solo) [Video]
  25. "Lights" (Jazz 1 Sat 12:15pm) [Video]
  26. "Betty Boop" (Jazz 2 Tue 4:45pm) [Video]
  27. "When the Party's Over" (Contemporary/Lyrical 3/4 Mon 6:30pm) [Video]
  28. "DARE" (Jazz 1 Thu 6:45pm) [Video]
  29. "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" (Jazz 2 Wed 6:30pm) [Video]
  30. "Party" (Hip Hop & Tumble Sat 9:30am) [Video]
  31. "Treat People with Kindness" (Tap Solo) [Video]
  32. "Wall to Wall" (Hip Hop 1 Tue 5:30pm) [Video]
  33. "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" (Dance Combo Ages 5&6 Sat 11:15am) [Video]
  34. "Crazy in Love" (Hip Hop 2 Tue 6:45pm) [Video]
  35. "You're the One That I Want" (Musical Theater 1/2 Mon 7:00pm) [Video]
  36. "Older" (Ballet 2 Thu 7:45pm) [Video]
  37. "Get Up" (Hip Hop 2/3 Wed 7:15pm) [Video]
  38. "Whistle While You Work" (Mini Jazz Company) [Video]
  39. "Suite en Blanc: Act 2 No. 12" (Jr/Sr Ballet Company) [Video]
  40. "Work For It" (Petite Jazz Company) [Video]
  41. "Walking on Sunshine/Just Be" (The Cast) [Video]