Pets of Perfect Pointe

Oreo November

Oreo & November - Ms. Kendra and Mr. Chris

Favorite activities: Impersonating Hermit Crabs & Eating Bananas

Claude (right) and Holtby (left)

Claude and Holtby - Ms. Kayleigh

Claude and Holtby are brothers and best friends. They are very sweet, super cuddly, and love playing with their feather toy! Holtby loves anyone who will give him pets and attention, while Claude is more comfortable around people he knows well. They love doing yoga with Miss Kayleigh and hanging out with their moms on the sofa at night.


Reese - Ms. Katie

Miss Katie's almost 2 year old mini golden-doodle. aka a Pandemic Puppy
Likes: running fast, playing with his cousins, time outside, pets, cuddles, treats, trips to the dance studio, car rides, visitors to his house
Dislikes: when mom leaves for work and doesn’t take him
Littermates with Brut

Bennie and Doris - Ms. Suzie

Bennie takes being a cat very seriously. She knows it's just a string, but one day it won't be and she's gonna be ready! Doris likes to lounge around, get her belly rubbed, and lick things that are plastic.