2023 Recital Breakdown - Springfield

See below for which of Perfect Pointe's 2023 Recital performances each class & performance company is in on Saturday, May 6th, 2023.  Each class also has a recital info sheet posted on their class content page, accessible via the Parent Portal.

Class Recital
Acro 1 Fri 5:15pm 4PM
Acro 1 Thu 7:30pm 1PM
Acro 2/3 Fri 6:15pm 4PM
Adult Open Jazz Tue 7:15pm 1PM
Ballet 1 Sat 11:15am 4PM
Ballet 1 Thu 6:00pm 4PM
Ballet 1 Tue 6:30pm 4PM
Ballet 2 Thu 7:45pm 4PM
Ballet 2 Wed 5:30pm 4PM
Ballet 3 Wed 7:15pm 1PM
Ballet 4/5 Wed 4:30pm 1PM
Contemporary/Lyrical 3/4 Mon 6:30pm 4PM
Dance Combo Ages 5&6 Mon 5:00pm 1PM
Dance Combo Ages 5&6 Sat 11:15am 4PM
Dance Combo Ages 5&6 Wed 5:30pm 1PM
Dance Combo Ages 6&7 Sat 1:30pm 1PM
Hip Hop & Tumble Fri 5:30pm 1PM
Hip Hop & Tumble Sat 9:30am 4PM
Hip Hop & Tumble Thu 5:00pm 1PM
Hip Hop & Tumble Tue 5:30pm 1PM
Hip Hop 1 Sat 1:00pm 1PM
Hip Hop 1 Tue 5:30pm 4PM
Hip Hop 2 Tue 6:45pm 4PM
Hip Hop 2/3 Wed 7:15pm 4PM
Hip Hop Crew 4PM
Jazz 1 Sat 12:15pm 4PM
Jazz 1 Thu 6:45pm 4PM
Jazz 2 Tue 4:45pm 4PM
Jazz 2 Wed 6:30pm 4PM
Jazz 3 Mon 5:00pm 1PM
Jazz 4 Mon 7:30pm 1PM
Jr Contemporary Co 4PM
Jr Pre-School Combo Sat 10:30am 1PM
Jr/Sr Jazz Co 1PM
Jr/Sr Pre-School Combo Mon 5:15pm 1PM
Jr/Sr Pre-School Combo Wed 6:30pm 1PM
Jr/Sr Ballet Co 4PM
Jr/Sr Tap Co 1PM
Lyrical 2 Thu 7:00pm 4PM
Mini Ballet Co 4PM
Mini Jazz Co 4PM
Modern Open Level Wed 4:45pm 1PM
Musical Theater 1/2 Mon 7:00pm 4PM
Newbie Company 1PM
Petite Ballet Co 4PM
Petite Jazz Co 4PM
Pointe 1/2 Wed 6:00pm 1PM
Sr Contemporary Co 4PM
Sr Pre-School Combo Fri 6:30pm 4PM
Sr Pre-School Combo Sat 10:15am 1PM
Sr Pre-School Combo Thu 6:00pm 4PM
Tap 1 Wed 4:45pm 1PM
Tap 2/3 Mon 7:30pm 4PM
Tap 4/5 Thu 4:30pm 1PM