2024 Recital Basics - Springfield

Recital – Saturday, June 1st & Sunday, June 2nd @ McLean High School

  • Perfect Pointe holds 5 separate recitals over the course of the weekend (3 for Arlington, 2 for Springfield) which will each be just under two hours in length. See the Recital & DR Breakdown or your class content page in your Parent Portal for your Recital Day & Time.
  • Call time for dancers will be 30 minutes in advance and they must stay for the whole recital even if your dance is towards the beginning of the show, as all classes participate in the final curtain call together.
  • Each Pre-school, Dance Combo, Hip Hop & Tumble, Level 1 and Level 2 class will have one or two designated backstage helpers for the dress rehearsal and for the recital. If you would like to be a backstage helper, we will ask for volunteers closer to the show. It takes many hands to put together a show of this magnitude so we greatly appreciate any and all volunteers! Please note that in order to keep things safe and organized, only designated staff and volunteers will be allowed in the “green room” or backstage areas during the show. You will sign your dancer in at their call time and out after the curtain call, and we will take great care of them in the interim while you enjoy the show!

Dress Rehearsal – Tuesday, May 28th – Friday, May 31st @ McLean High School

  • See the Recital & DR Breakdown or your class content page in your Parent Portal for your Dress Rehearsal Day & Time.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early, in costume with hair a makeup, or leave enough time to change when you arrive so that you/your dancer are ready to go onstage at that time.
  • All students MUST be at the dress rehearsal in order to perform in the show. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students need this opportunity to get comfortable dancing in their costume, get familiar with the big stage, get their jitters out, etc. This rule will be strictly enforced to be fair to all who make the commitment.
  • Dress rehearsal is broken into small chunks so most classes will have not need to be there for more than an hour or so, many less than that, to run through their dance(s) on stage.