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About Perfect Pointe


Perfect Pointe Dance Studio opened in July of 2007 offering fourteen classes per week and serving fifty-eight students. As of Spring 2009, Perfect Pointe has two studio spaces, offers fifty-two classes per week and serves over four hundred students.

Class Sizes

As stated in our mission statement, Perfect Pointe is committed to small class sizes. As such, we currently limit our Mommy & Me Classes to 10 students, Pre-School Combo and Level I classes to 14 students, and all other classes to 16 students. We keep our student to teacher ratio at or below 7 to 1 for Pre-School Combo classes and at or below 8 to 1 for Dance Combo Age 5 & 6 and Dance Combo Age 6 & 7.

Going Green

We believe that each of us must do our part for the Earth we live on, so Perfect Pointe goes above and beyond county recycling requirements, uses recycled paper, prints double-sided when possible, uses only flourescent light bulbs, and works to communicate electronically as much as possible to reduce paper waste. Perfect Pointe was even discussed in this article in the Sun Gazette.